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 Top Cv Sourcing uses long established recruitment techniques that have been honed over many years to attract and engage the top talent in the marketplace. As a specialist resourcing business, we know exactly where the best candidates can be found online and through what mediums.


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Thank you for visiting Top Cv Sourcing and exploring our services. I hope you find what you’re seeking. Your presence here suggests that you’re a forward-thinking professional in search of a reliable solution for your business. You’ve come to the right place.

At Top Cv Sourcing, we’re more than just “recruiters” – we aim to be your partner. Our recruitment and CV sourcing solutions are innovative and go beyond simply filling positions. With numerous resourcing companies available today, it might seem easy to choose, but how can you be certain they align with your values? In an era where recruitment is more of a science than a mere service, it’s crucial to find an expert partner capable of delivering results. That’s precisely what we strive to achieve at WorkFello.



Ensuring that time criticality is considered to be of utmost importance.


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Search with scrutiny and leave no platform uncharted.

Are you a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) seeking qualified and passionate candidates for your business, but struggling to source and screen the right candidates amidst a sea of irrelevant resumes? You’re not alone in this challenge. Research indicates that many organizations face frustration in this scenario and often turn to outsourcing firms that may not have the expertise needed for the task.

In 2014, Top Cv Sourcing partnered with Intelligent Employment to seamlessly offer back-end support in finding the best fits for certain executive positions at Google Inc. These positions included Head of Product Management, Enterprise/Business Architect, and Senior Network Consultant roles. Remarkably, 2 out of the 3 positions were successfully filled within a month.

As a result of organic growth, Ernst & Young is continuously seeking to expand its global teams. In 2018, Top Cv Sourcing partnered with an international recruitment agency to identify the ideal candidates for their open positions. We have supported them across Transaction Services, Value Creation, and M&A divisions on a global scale.

Currently, we provide back-office resourcing services for an intermediary organization to develop talent capability for PwC. In 2018, Top Cv Sourcing was enlisted by a top-tier international advisory firm to source high-caliber candidates globally. We have supported them across Corporate Finance, Post/Pre Deal Integration, and Separation divisions on a global scale.

Due to Saudi Aramco’s expansion of their construction division in Saudi Arabia, Top Cv Sourcing collaborated with Purple Squirrel Group to fill over 200 positions ranging from junior to senior levels within a span of 7 months. We successfully placed more than 150 professionals at Saudi Aramco as part of this endeavor.

 Top Cv Sourcing teamed up with a prominent recruitment firm to fill positions for KPMG. Our services supported the global recruitment efforts for senior and executive positions in sectors such as Audit, Accounting, Corporate Finance, Risk Advisory, and Tax worldwide.

 Top Cv Sourcing partnered with Excelerate UK to provide resourcing services for technical sales positions at Hewlett-Packard UK. Excelerate UK sought a partner who could integrate into their project team, grasp their desired culture, and recruit experienced candidates from rival companies. Approximately 130 applicants were sourced for various positions at HP’s UK office in Bracknell UK.